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Prodigal Housing
Prodigal Housing offers individuals with quality housing options and a complete ecosystem that is able to support and maintain their growth. The Organization’s entire focus is to enable these individuals to become a contributing member to society.
Prodigal University
Prodigal University teaches individuals the mindset, mental preparedness and readiness in order to increase their skillset in today’s society. Prodigal University has a host of subjects and curriculum designed to improve perceptions and outlooks of everyone who travels through our ecosystems. With a strong focus on job training, Prodigal University teaches powerful life skills that enables our students a strong competitive edge in today’s job market.
Prodigal Business
Prodigal Business collaborates with businesses in order to provide job opportunities for members and those who go through Prodigal University. Prodigal Business offers internship, job placements and job advancements for qualified individuals.
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Prodigal Son and Daughters Behavioral Health Care Services

Prodigal Son and Daughters Behavioral Health Care Services (PSDBHS) is a consortium of Licensed, Certified, professional, and para-professional consultants dedicated to providing the highest quality of goods and services in the area of behavioral healthcare and human services. Centrally located in the City of East Orange, NJ the consortium which specializes in Assessments and providing Mental/Behavioral Health Care, Substance Abuse primary, secondary and tertiary care services; Prison Re-entry, Legal, Financial, Employment, Housing consultation, arts & cultural sensitive therapy, publishing and production. PSDBHS is dedicated to the principle of ‘personal improvement and community development’ and is therefore committed to the individualized case by case management paradigm as the most effective approach to success and longevity in personal improvement, business, finance and healthy community life.

PSDBHS has more than 30 years’ experience working with individuals and their families and continues to pursue the path of excellence in providing the best quality of service possible.

PSDBHS’s success can only be measured by the growth potential, change, happiness, satisfaction and the success of the consumer, making the consumer first and foremost and the driving force of the organization. PSDBHS recognizes that the consumer is number one and as such will remain positively devoted to providing total quality services and continuous quality management to its consumers and the society at large.