The Progress Report Mayor Booker on Bill Moyer’s Journal makes honorable mention of Prodigal Sons and Daughters on PBS (Channel 13) March 28, 2008


That’s a knee-jerk reaction to spend more money. Well, you know what? I can show you places in the city of Newark where we’re doing more with less simply because we have good people stepping forward and saying, “I’m not gonna tolerate this any more in my nation, in my community, on my block.”
Bill Moyers


They’re doing mentoring programs. You have grassroots leaders — young, black men starting up organizations like Prodigal Sons and Daughters here in the city of Newark welcoming people back to the community, because if you’re a Christian, that’s one of the seminal stories. If somebody’s coming back from doing wrong, you don’t just point a finger at them and say, “Bad, bad, bad,” for the rest of your life. You get up and you embrace them, and you help them, and put them back, and I see people in our grassroots doing that.